Hello. My name is Oleh Kombaiev. I’m R developer, data and financial analyst. You can find my articles here. And I'm pleased to introduce my project - Visualized Analytics.

Here you won’t find any quotations or companies’ financial results. Every chart published on VisualizedAnalytics.com represents visualized model, dependency or correlation, and enables you to judge about the fundamental state of a company’s capitalization or a commodity. You’ll also understand what indicators are currently driving the changes in the price of a certain company or commodity.

The information on the website is being updated on a daily basis (except weekends and public holidays), or in case of any unsuperable technical challenges which I have not faced so far.

The list of the companies and commodities analyzed on the website is always growing. I plan to add a column dedicated to currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Purchasing subscription you are helping me realize my plans as soon as possible.

If you encounter an error or have any question, please let me know. I usually answer to everyone.

I really hope that my work will help you to understand the world of investments better and to take the right decisions.

Oleh Kombaiev